How to Earn BTC

1) Mini Earnings
Requirements: Patience.
Common Risks: Getting viruses and malware by surfing many random
websites. You should protect yourself against malware before doing this!
? PTC websites: Click ads and get paid in bitcoin
? Bitcoin Faucets: Enter captcha and get paid in bitcoin
? Ad watchers: Watch ads or videos and get paid in bitcoin
? Minijobs: Complete mini tasks and get paid in bitcoin
2) Writing
Requirements: English knowledge, writing skills, possibly other
languages too. Creativity needed to write about interesting things.
Common Risks: Risks associated with journalism, copyright problems.
Make sure you understand how the copyright system works.
? Translator: Translate things for other people for bitcoin
? Article writer: There are many news websites that hire journalists
to write articles about the cryptocurrency events
? Blogger: You can create your free or paid blog, and write about
anything, then just put bitcoin ads on your blog and get paid
? Tutorial writer: Write any tutorial, and put bitcoin donation links
in it, and then people could donate bitcoins to you
? Rewriter: Rewrite old articles or other manuscripts, some people
will pay you for this, search the bitcoin forums or the web for this
? Copywriter: Write ads, marketing articles for bitcoin businesses
? Poet/Writer: Write your own poems or novels and sell it for

3) Forum Earning
Requirements: English knowledge, writing skills, bitcoin knowledge.
Common Risks: You can get banned for breaking their rules.
? Moderator: Senior bitcoin users might become moderators on a
forum and they will get paid for it in bitcoin
? Signature Campaign: offers this unique bitcoin
earning system. You can monetize your forum signature space and
get paid for posting:
? Avatar Campaign: Your forum avatar can be monetized too
? Look for opportunity: Many newbies on the forum have some sort
of trouble. You can offer them help, and charge them bitcoins for it? Escrow: There are many scammers on a forum, so if you are a
trusted member, you can offer escrow services in a trade, and get
paid for doing it
? Campaign Manager: Senior and trusted members, can get hired by
a bitcoin business to manage their signature or other advertising
campaign, and they get paid for it
? Debugger: A forum, or a software made by a user can have many
bugs, and if you report the bugs and help them fix it, they can
reward you in bitcoins
? Tipping: If you give quality information or entertaining things, you
can get tipped in bitcoin
4) Bitcoin Mining
Requirements: Starting capital, mining technical knowledge.
Common Risks: Mining is very competitive, and the profit margin is
low. Be skeptical about cloud mining, most of them are ponzi schemes!
? Hardware Mining: Calculate the costs, buy mining equipment and
start mining
? Cloud Mining: Invest in a reputable mining business, and they will
share their profits with you
? Altcoin Mining: Some altcoins, can have bigger mining profit
margins than bitcoin mining, you have to calculate it yourself
5) Adult
Requirements: Experience in the adult industry.
Common Risks: Make sure the adult industry is legal where you live!
? Camgirl: If you are a woman, then you can host cam-shows for
? Adult Movies: Create adult movies and sell them for bitcoin
? Adult Toys: Sell adult toys for bitcoin
6) Provide services
Requirements: Some talent or expertise that you can provide.
Common Risks: The bitcoin community has some scammers, so you
have to be careful in your transactions.
? Programmer: Provide your programming skills for bitcoin
? Marketing/Advertising: Help somebody promote his stuff, and get
paid in bitcoin? Advisor: Offer your advising skills to somebody and earn bitcoin
? Community organizer: Join a project and become a community
organizer, the owner will pay you for doing it well
? Other forum services:
? Designer: Design ad banners, advertising material, videos or any
other material that can easily be done for bitcoin
7) Sell Products
Requirements: Find a product that has demand in the bitcoin economy.
Common Risks: The bitcoin community has some scammers, so you
have to be careful in your transactions.
? Garage Sale: Sell your stuff for bitcoin
? Musician: Create music and sell it for bitcoin
? Video maker: Make videos and sell it for bitcoin or host some
show on a video streaming platform
? Other Artist: Create paintings, sculptures, craft art, etc.. and sell it
for bitcoin
? Book writer: Write a book or an e-book or any essay/article and
sell it for bitcoin
8) Entrepreneur
Requirements: Starting capital, business knowledge, risk management.
Common Risks: If you fail, you lose your invested capital!
? Find a product or service that is profitable to do, and do it as a
full time business in bitcoin

9) Investing or Trading
Requirements: Starting capital, risk management skills, market
knowledge, ability to analyse news and know how it impacts the price.
Common Risks: You can lose your invested money. Beware of ponzi
schemes, many investment sites are ponzi based or they steal bitcoins.
? Trade Bitcoin or Altcoins: Find a reputable exchange and trade
bitcoins or altcoins for profit
? Bitcoin Based Investments: Find a reputable bitcoin investment
system and invest to earn profits
? Altcoin investments/Smart contracts: Find a reputable investment
system and invest to earn profits

10) Lending
Requirements: Starting capital, risk management skills.
Common Risks: Beware of the loan scammers.
? Collateral Loan: You take a collateral for the loan, and offer lower
interest to the borrower
? Non-collateral loan: Risky, but if successful, you can charge
higher interest rate from the borrower
11) Gambling
Requirements: Luck.
Common Risks: Make sure gambling is legal where you live. You can
lose your wagered money in gambling.
? Luck Based: Win bets, win bonuses, or other perks in a bitcoin
casino. Luck based games are not profitable in the long term but it’s
always possible to win a jackpot.
? Skill based games: Poker, Sportsbetting, or other skill based
games. It’s possible to earn here constantly, but you have to be very
good at it.
Thats it, there are other ways to earn bitcoins, but these are the most
popular ones. Find the one that best suits your personality and start