Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency, that can be
used as an online payment system online payment system and an online store of value online store of value. It
doesn’t have a central authority, therefore it can be used freely by freely by
anyone anyone, anywhere anywhere, without any discrimination without any discrimination. The main website:
Many newbies struggle to earn bitcoins, that is why in this tutorial I
will show you the methods with which you can Earn Bitcoins Earn Bitcoins.
Before you start earning bitcoins you should also sign up to the
biggest online bitcoin community:

Also here are a few important tips for newbies to keep your bitcoins
safe and secure from thieves and scammers:
• Never keep the majority of your coins with a 3rd
party, like an exchange,
online wallet, or other online services. Many of them are scams and they
will run away with your coins!
• Keep most of your coins in a wallet that only you have access too!
• Keep multiple backups of your wallet in safe locations!
• Don’t forget and don’t share your password with anyone!
• It is recommended to hold your savings in an offline, malware clean
computer, or a hardware wallet!
• My favorite bitcoin wallet software is: https://blockchain.info